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NLC Translations serves the Spokane area and surrounding metroplex. Including, Manitocannon Hill, North Indian Trail, Five Mileprairie, Comstock, Rockwood, Moran Prairie, Balboasouth Indian Trail, Lincoln Heights, Northwest, Cliffcannon, North Hill, West Hills, Latah Valley, Bemiss, Brownes Addition, Peaceful Valley, Minnehaha, Whitman, Thorpewestwood, Logan, Emersongarfield, East Central, Hillyard, West Central, Nevadalidgerwood, Riverside, and Chief Garry Park.

Spokane’s official nickname is the “Lilac City”. However, Spokane originated from a Native American Indian tribe which means “Children of the Sun”.

Natural resources were historically the foundation of Spokane’s economy, with the mining, logging, and agriculture industries making up much of the region’s economic activity. Mining, forestry, and agribusiness are still important to the local and regional economy, but Spokane’s economy has diversified to include other industries, such as high-tech and biotech sectors.

There are several museums in the city, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, the Mobius Science Center, and the Jundt Art Museum.

A few things Spokane is known for is being the birthplace of Father’s Day which they first started in 1910, they hold the world’s largest timed footrace, Lilac Bloomsday Run, and they host the world’s largest 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.

Half the buildings in downtown Spokane are on the Historic Register and ironically, they have a 100-block area in downtown Spokane where you can access free outdoor WiFi called The Hot Zone.


Translation Services Near Me In Spokane

NLC Translations is an experienced translation agency providing the very best document translation services to clients across the United States and the world. You can visit our locations page for specific locations and find “translation services near me“. While we service these major cities and surrounding areas, we also assist clients residing in other areas. As we only need digital copies of your documents in order to translate, there is no need to hand your documents in person. This process saves you time, money, and improves efficiency in the process of delivering quality translations to you.

Spanish Translation Services In Spokane

NLC Translations provides Spanish Translation Services for many companies, law firms, and individuals in Spokane. We handle many forms of Spanish, but primarily provide a general form that can be understood by a large audience. NLC regularly localizes for specific regions as well, including Europe, the US, Mexico, Central America, and many other countries in Latin America.  Our Spanish Translations have been used for governmental purposes. Businesses employ our Spanish Translations for their daily operations, communication, marketing, legal purposes, and sales. Law firms are typically using them for court, or to submit legal applications for their cases. The cases vary from employment law, family law, business and finance law, to immigration and litigation. We receive personal requests from individuals that are in the process of getting a green card, visa, or naturalization citizenship. Translation services are frequently needed for travel requirements or other immigration purposes.


Chinese Translation Services In Spokane

NLC Translations is a leading translation company in Spokane. We take pride in providing Professional Chinese Translation Services that our clients can use without worrying about any errors in the translation. Our clients request Chinese Translation Services in their spoken dialects at times, of Mandarin and Cantonese. The written forms of Chinese are Simplified or Traditional. Global Companies need our Chinese Translations to run day-to-day operations, communicate via email, marketing efforts, legal purposes, and sales. Law firms need Professional Translations for their clients’ cases and elect to work with us as we have a proven track record in the field. These cases frequently involve employment law, family law, business and finance law, and immigration. A Certified Translation will be needed for these law firms and we provide this at no extra charge. Individuals elect us to be their trusted translation provider when they are in the process of getting a green card, visa, or naturalization citizenship. Our Professional Translation services are often requested for travel requirements or other immigration purposes as well.


Korean Translation Services in Spokane

NLC Translations handles Korean Translation Services requests for many companies, law firms, and individuals in Spokane. Our Professional Korean Translations are considered final and ready for use. Such as, in business operations, communication, marketing, legal purposes, and sales. Furthermore, managers may need them for training manuals, company policies, or marketing a product or service that serves Korean speakers in the U.S. or that assists into the expansion into global markets. We consistently provide Certified Korean Translation Services to Law Firms and Individuals who use them for court or immigration purposes. Financial lenders request our services when they need contracts and bank statements in Korean translated into English to verify assets for their clients to qualify for a loan.


Tagalog Translation Services in Spokane

Our Tagalog Document Translation Services are trusted for quality, speed, and competitive price. Clients in the Spokane area frequently request Certified Translations for use in legal cases such as in immigration or litigation. Academic documents such as diplomas, transcripts, and course descriptions are also one of our capabilities. Our customers need these to secure a job, visa process, or begin the process for grade equivalency evaluations. Similarly, many clients come to us as well when they need to fulfill travel requirements and need their medical and financial documents translated and certified by a professional translation company.


Japanese Translation Services in Spokane

We are a top-rated Japanese Translation Service provider in Spokane. Our specialty includes Certified Translations directly involved with visa applications, investor contracts, and financial statements. Law firms require Certified Translations and commend us for our attention to detail and keeping our promise to meeting their strict deadlines. These are direct results from years of experience and the commitment we have to get the job done right. Clients often recommend us to others for our friendly attitude, informative answers to their questions, and professionalism.


Vietnamese Translation Services in Spokane

Customers will tell you they love us for our commitment to getting their translations done quickly and accurately. NLC Translations strives to provide first-class Vietnamese Translation Services in Spokane. Our certification letter comes standard for most personal documents we translate such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates for individuals and legal firms. Our corporate clients trust us for legal, financial, and marketing translations.


We support 100+ Languages for a wide scope of industries, including Law Firms, Marketing Agencies, Medical Companies, Technology Companies, Financial Institutions, and many Small Businesses.

If you are looking for high-quality, reliable translation services in Spokane, contact us about your translation project today.  Have questions about your translation? Send us an email at nlc@nlctranslations.com or give us a call at 1-833-744-1555.

What kind of clients does NLC Translations LLC work with?

We work with many Spokane Law Firms, Financial Lenders, and various small to medium sized companies in Spokane and the surrounding areas. We also extend our Translation Services to Individuals.

How much will the translation cost and how long will it take?

Every project is unique and cost can be determined after reviewing the materials. If you have a specific deadline, please include that information when submitting your documents.

How do I send you a copy of my documents?

All we need is a scanned copy, or image of your document, with all information clearly visible. Please send files in their original format such as Word, InDesign, or PowerPoint, if available.

Do you provide any Guarantees or Statements of Accuracy?

Our Certification Letter which states the translation is accurate to the best of our ability can be provided at no additional charge. Our Guarantee is to provide you with a Professionally Translated, Edited, and Proofread final product. If there are any errors, we will correct them at no extra charge. At times we may receive feedback of stylistic changes which are not errors and we will happily provide our feedback on those and can make any updates as needed.

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