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NLC is a leading professional translation company that provides specialized translation services for the manufacturing industry.


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From start to finish your documents will be 100% human translated. Our NLC Quality Process is in place to ensure accurate translations every time.

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All of our manufacturing translations are performed by translators that are experts in their subject matter and have extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector. They are managed by our professional project managers to give you the peace of mind that your materials are translated accurately while meeting your deadline. Our NLC Translation Quality Process enables us to coordinate your translation project effectively and smoothly while delivering accurate results you can trust.

Why do I need manufacturing translation services?

Manufacturing today often involves more than one country and language. As US businesses continue to broaden operations overseas, the number of non-English speaking employees increases. This requires a company to take measures to ensure that important details of business operations can be conveyed to a global audience. Finding a high-quality language translation provider who can deliver accurate technical translations is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market.

Technical document translations such as instruction manuals, product specifications, and packaging provide instruction on the use of a product. For the greatest success, these documents should be properly localized in your users native language. We guarantee delivery of accurate translations so that you can focus on the success of your business.

Translations for training purposes such as an employee handbook are often necessary for non-English speakers to effectively to their job and follow compliance regulations. This is especially critical for companies in the manufacturing sector that utilize advanced equipment for product production.

One common method of delivering training information to employees in different countries is e-learning. This method of instruction requires accurate translation and localization into the audience’s native language to retain the original message and fulfill educational objectives.

Training Material
Health and Safety Documents
Product Specifications
Product Catalogs
Support Documentation
Dealer Portals Marketing Material
Product Packaging
Technical Documents
Operating Instructions
Installation Manuals
Online Help

Expert translations that are kept secure and confidential

Our manufacturing translations are done by industry expert translators and will meet or exceed all technical requirements. This is because we handpick the best person for the job, based on subject-matter experience. Once assigned, one of our professional project managers will coordinate your project from start to finish making sure your translation is delivered accurately and on time, every time.

Client confidentiality is a priority at NLC and a non-disclosure agreement can be sent upon request. Our translation team is well aware of the security required in the manufacturing industry and we are happy to ensure your documents remain confidential.

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