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NLC Translations serves the Reno area and surrounding metroplex. Including, Mogul, Incline Village, Truckee, Verdi, Carson City, Indian Hills, Sparks, Tahoe Vista, Kingsbury, Sun Valley, Gardnerville, Minden, Spanish Springs, Kings Beach, Johnson Lane, South Lake Tahoe, Gardnerville Ranchos, Cold Springs, Fernley, Dayton, Golden Valley, Lemmon Valley, Stateline, Crystal Bay, and Wadsworth.

Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. It experiences around 1,000 earthquakes every year which most of them are too weak to do any damage or even be felt.

Reno’s economy was primarily centered on gaming and entertainment. It is now diversifying into a much broader base which spans healthcare, entrepreneurial startups, and technology-based industries. Approximately 25% of the workforce is employed in the fields of construction, manufacturing, transportation, communications, public utilities, and finance related services.

Translation Services Near Me In Reno

NLC Translations is an experienced translation agency providing the very best document translation services to clients across the United States and the world. You can visit our locations page for specific locations and find “translation services near me“. While we service these major cities and surrounding areas, we also assist clients residing in other areas. As we only need digital copies of your documents in order to translate, there is no need to hand your documents in person. This process saves you time, money, and improves efficiency in the process of delivering quality translations to you.

Spanish Translation Services In Reno

We provide Spanish Translation Services for small to large businesses, law firms, and individuals. A typical translation to reach a large audience is a general Spanish. We can localize for specific regions, such as countries in Latin America, the US, and Europe at your request. Companies tend to use our Spanish Translations for employee communication, marketing to tourists, legal policies, and sales. Law firms may use translations for their clients’ cases. These cases can be involved with employment law, family law, business and finance law, and immigration. We receiver personal requests for those in the process of applying for a green card, visa, or naturalization citizenship. Hotels and restaurants seek our translation services to market and inform potential customers of what they are selling.

Chinese Translation Services In Reno

NLC Translations is a leading translation company in Reno. It brings us joy to provide Professional Chinese Translation Services that are free of any errors and ready for clients to use. The written forms of Chinese are Simplified or Traditional. The public refers to them as Mandarin and Cantonese which are the spoken dialects. Large Companies need our Chinese Translations to run day-to-day operations, communicate materials, marketing efforts, legal purposes, and sales. Law firms want to work with a Professional Translation Company as they have legal cases that involve more than one language. Our proven track record makes their decision easier. Cases they are involved with include, employment law, family law, business and finance law, and immigration. A requirement will be for the translation to be certified and we provide this at no extra charge. Individuals select us as their trusted translation provider when they are in the process of getting a green card, visa, or naturalization citizenship. Our Professional Translation services are often requested for travel requirements or other immigration purposes as well. Casinos and entertainment business request our services to market what they are selling to non-English speakers.

Korean Translation Services In Reno

NLC Translations provides high-quality Korean Translation Services for companies, law firms, and individuals in Reno. Our Professional Korean Translations are considered final and error-free. Customers will use them for business operations, communication, marketing, legal purposes, and sales. In addition, Directors will use them for training manuals, company policies, and marketing a product or service that serves Korean speakers in the U.S. This will also help them expand into global markets. We consistently provide Certified Korean Translation Services to Law Firms and Individuals who use them for court or immigration purposes. We serve the entertainment industry in all aspects of their business from legal to food and goods.

Tagalog Translation Services In Reno

Our Tagalog Document Translation Services are sought after for our quality, speed, and competitive price. Clients in the Reno area commonly request Certified Translations for legal immigration and litigation use. Marketing materials for casinos, hotels, and restaurants are one of our specialties. Tourists will come to Reno, but there is a lot of competition. Marketing in their language helps bring them in the door. Professional Tagalog Translations are also completed for personal requests dealing with medical related and financial documents.

Vietnamese Translation Services In Reno

NLC Translations pushes ahead of the pack to provide first-class Vietnamese Translation Services in Reno. We are committed to our clients’ translation needs and complete them as quickly as possible to deliver an accurate translation. Our certification letter is provided standard for over 90% of the personal documents we translate such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates for individuals and legal firms. Corporate clients trust us for legal, financial, and marketing translations.

Japanese Translation Services In Reno

We are a highly-rated Japanese Translation Service provider in Reno. Our specialty includes Certified Translations directly involved with visa applications, investor contracts, and financial statements. Many of the law firms we work with require Certified Translations and appreciate our attention to detail. We keep our promise in meeting their important deadlines. These are direct results from years of experience and the commitment we have to get the job done right. Clients often recommend us to others for our professional approach, attitude, and knowledge of translations.

Russian Translation Services In Reno

We provide Certified Russian Translation Services for businesses, domestic and international law firms, and individuals in the Reno area. We receive frequent translation requests for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Passports, Diplomas, Transcripts, and Course Descriptions. The corporate world uses our Russian Translations for day-to-day business operations, internal communication, marketing a product or service, legal purposes, and sales. The entertainment industry knows they need to market to non-English speakers to keep up with competition. Legal entities utilize our Russian Translations for their legal cases. They are often involved in Immigration and submitting those applications. They will require the translations to be certified for almost every translation we deliver, which we provide at no extra charge.

French Translation Services In Reno

We provide French Translation Services for many small to medium sized companies, Global law firms, and individuals in the Reno area. French for France is the most popular choice of French from our clients. Our team also translates into French Canadian. Corporate uses our French Translations for day-to-day business operations, internal communication, marketing a product or service, legal purposes, and sales. Law firms utilize our French Translations for use in their legal proceedings. They are often used for Immigration cases and applications as well. The majority will require the translations to be certified, which we provide at no extra charge.

German Translation Services In Reno

Our translation company in Reno provides German Translation Services for many corporate clients, small to large law firms, and individuals. We also have capabilities with older versions of German vital documents and letters that need translation into English. This is different from today’s German language and requires specialization for the time period of the original document. A common form is Sütterlin, a historical form of German handwriting. While Sütterlin is common amongst an individual’s needs, our corporate clients request German Translations for business purposes.  This includes daily business operations, corporate communication, international marketing of a product or service, legal documents, and sales. Law firms request German Translations for legal cases and immigration use. For most of these law firms, it is standard process to provide them with our certification letter which comes at no extra charge.

Thai Translation Services In Reno

We provide Thai Translation Services for many U.S. corporate clients, which includes law firms, financial lenders, and hotels. We receive personal requests from individuals as well. Corporate clients need to run daily operations in an environment that often has a diverse culture. One example may be to market to Thai speakers and keep up with the competition. The materials can be in the form, of brochures, menus, offers, etc. Certified Thai Translation Services are common amongst Law Firms for their clients’ immigration purposes, or use in legal cases. Financial lenders often need contracts and bank statements translated to verify assets for their clients to qualify for a loan.


We support 100+ Languages for a wide scope of industries, including Law Firms, Marketing Agencies, Medical Companies, Technology Companies, Financial Institutions, and many Small Businesses.

If you are looking for high-quality, reliable translation services in Reno, contact us about your translation project today.  Have questions about your translation? Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-833-744-1555.

What kind of clients does NLC Translations LLC work with?

We work with many Reno Hotels, Restaurants, Law Firms, Financial Lenders, and various small to medium sized companies in Reno and the surrounding areas. We also extend our Translation Services to Individuals.

How much will the translation cost and how long will it take?

Every project is unique and cost can be determined after reviewing the materials. If you have a specific deadline, please include that information when submitting your documents.

How do I send you a copy of my documents?

All we need is a scanned copy, or image of your document, with all information clearly visible. Please send files in their original format such as Word, InDesign, or PowerPoint, if available.

Do you provide any Guarantees or Statements of Accuracy?

Our Certification Letter which states the translation is accurate to the best of our ability can be provided at no additional charge. Our Guarantee is to provide you with a Professionally Translated, Edited, and Proofread final product. If there are any errors, we will correct them at no extra charge. At times we may receive feedback of stylistic changes which are not errors and we will happily provide our feedback on those and can make any updates as needed.

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