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NLC is a leading professional translation company that provides specialized translation services for businesses, organizations, individuals, and families.


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Accurate Translation Services for Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals

At NLC Translations,  our multinational team of translators has expertise in many industries including law, healthcare, science, finance, business, education, engineering, immigration, and numerous other specializations. We guarantee that your request will be handled by an expert that is well-versed in the terminology of your field.  This level of specialization leads to precise translations that meet the high-quality standards of your professional needs.

While we often provide corporate translation services, we also extend our services to individuals and families.

Professional Quality

From start to finish your documents will be 100% human translated. Our NLC Quality Process is in place to ensure accurate translations every time.

Safe And Secure

All information is kept Secure and Confidential. Signed NDA upon request.

Fast Service

Fastest professional quality translations in the industry. Let us know your deadline and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our process ensures high-quality services delivered on time, every time.

For each translation, we utilize a 3-Step process, refined over years of experience in the translation industry. This process consists of translation by an experienced professional, followed by extensive editing, and proofreading. To ensure the best and most reliable services your request is handled by a professional project manager from the initial quote submission to delivery.

Any format, any length, any language

translate language document to english Our services are not limited to any particular document format or length. Our team can translate all types of documents, in any language you require, at an affordable price.

Translation Warranty

NLC guarantees delivery of high-quality translation services. If it is determined by the customer that an error is present after review of the delivered translation, we will correct the error, free of charge. Customers can report errors by phone or email and they will be corrected within a reasonable time frame after receipt of notification.

Our Services

 Popular Languages we translate include Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and German. Click below to view the list of 100+ Languages we support.

Pricing tailored to your needs

All translations are 100% Human professional translations completed by our accredited translators. Pricing is dependent on unique factors such as language, content, amount of words, file format, deadline, and other specific requirements of your project.

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Give us a call or send a message, our representatives are ready to assist with your translation needs.

All Information is Kept Safe, Secure, and Confidential. 

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The legal documents that I needed translated exceeded my expectations! I have let my colleagues know to reach out to you for any of our translation needs.

Jessica S. – Texas Law Firm

The documents look great! Look forward to working with your team again!

John S. – Marketing

The translations were exactly what I needed for USCIS! Thanks again !

Jose R. – Individual Personal Request