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Why Translate an Employee Handbook?

An Employee Handbook dictates the policies and guidelines for the operation of a company. It is also known as an employee manual, staff handbook, or company policy manual. It contains all the information related to a company’s mission, values, policies, holidays, compensation, paid-time-off, and employer and employee expectations.

Competitive markets require you to be on your “A Game” every day. The chances of success increase by employees working together under a shared company mission and set of values. The most successful companies make sure their employees are taken care of by creating a company culture where everyone can thrive. Providing an Employee Handbook for your non-English speakers in their native language sets the foundation for collaborative work by instilling company principles early on. This investment will pay off greatly in the long run.

In today’s world, company cultures are more diverse. Many companies have international offices and employees from different cultural backgrounds. Language barriers can prevent the best employees from working together and being on the same page. The only way to achieve this is if every employee is empowered to be a part of the company vision. We can help you bridge the gap between you and your non-native English employees. We will translate your company’s mission, values, and ethics for optimal communication with your all-star employees.

Translating your employee handbook can protect you from liability

You may be required by law to have your employee handbook translated into your employees’ native languages. This translation describes the rights and obligations of each employee in the language they understand best. Guidelines suggest that a written statement of company policy is a business necessity for firms of any size. You may have this vital job covered in English, but what if your non-English speakers cannot understand it?

A poorly translated handbook can lead you into trouble down the road. Some companies may opt to use google translate or use a colleague who speaks the language needed to translate the manual. In the short term, they may save money. However, you can be paying out settlement sums and legal fees for an inaccurate translation in the long-term.

Federal and state laws and the growing number of employee-related litigation cases against management have increased over the years. Companies must remain compliant and take into consideration their non-English speakers. If all employees receive a copy of the manual that they understand, you can avoid the potential of future headaches.

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Our expert linguists will translate your employee handbook to boost company success

Place your trust in our expert Employee Handbook translations, as many other companies have. Your company handbook will be translated into the target language of your choice, edited, and proofread. We keep your company message intact and accurately convey your guidelines, legal policies, and expectations so that your employees can understand them. For your peace of mind, we can provide you with our certification letter to keep on file for your records.

Many companies come to us to translate their Employee Handbook first. We do such a great job that they trust us with their other HR-related documents such as training material, welcome packages, surveys, and forms.

We regularly translate employee handbooks for various industries, including restaurant, industrial, factory, retail, and many corporate business sectors. Terminology and adaptation are key to getting your message across. In addition, employee handbooks contain your legal policies and guidelines. These must be translated correctly to avoid risk. Our translations are completed by 100% Human linguists through a process in which your document is translated, edited, and proofread to achieve a flawless translation.

We keep all information secure and confidential.

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