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Business documents and correspondence must be clear and concise to keep up with regulations and the competitive marketplace. It is equally necessary that these documents are well-translated, to maintain the effectiveness of the original message and continuity in the operations of your business. At NLC, we offer business translation services delivered by a full-fledged team of translation professionals. We guarantee correct localization adapted to local linguistic preferences of your target audience and your preferred company terminology.

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Our business translation services are the solution to your global business needs.

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Both your message and tone will be retained, with no risk of inaccurately translated words.

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Business professionals trust us to translate their sensitive and confidential materials. We deliver Fast, High-Quality Translations and give them the peace of mind in having a reliable translation partner. Our business translations can be used for internal and external purposes. These include use for court, contracts, or any other legal binding purposes.

We prioritize building trust with every one of our clients. As an added value that we bring, a signed NDA upon request is provided, and all information is kept Secure and Confidential. Once your document reaches production, it goes through our 3 Step Process resulting in a seamless translation delivered on time every time and ready for use for all your business purposes. Need it quick? Let us know your deadline and we will do everything possible to accommodate. 

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Our experienced team will provide professional translation services for all of your business and finance needs. We understand Global businesses and multi-national organizations require high-quality translations of documents and reports to facilitate effective communication in cross-cultural and multi-lingual industries. Business documents and correspondence must be clear and concise. It is equally necessary that these documents are well-translated, to maintain the effectiveness of the original message and continuity in the operations of your business.

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Translation Localization and Design service for all of your marketing needs. Fast, Reliable, and Accurate every time!



Leading Corporate Comunication Translation Service provider completed by experts. Get your message across in over 100 languages.

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We understand terminology specific terms matter in your industry. We are the translation experts for your next project!

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Business, Legal, and Finance are the foundation to your business. Let us help you get your translations done right.

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NLC Translations is an experienced professional translation company founded on its core values of providing high-quality translations at a competitive price. 

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There is no substitute for quality. Trust the experts for all of your corporate materials.

Employee Handbook Translation

An employee handbook serves as a manual of policies and expectations from the company of its employees. The guidelines ensure rules and behavior are followed in the workplace.

All employees are required to learn the employee handbook and sign their acknowledgment. Some positions have non-native English speakers, that may not understand the handbook before signing it.

To be compliant, there must be an employee handbook in the language they understand. This not only protects the company, but it ensures a positive and informative start for both parties at the time the employee starts in the position.

Marketing Translations

NLC Translations regularly provides Marketing Translation Services for agencies, realtors, healthcare companies, universities, and media groups.

The documents we receive vary in format from Word, PDF, InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, etc. Our NLC Quality Control Process enables us to provide accurate translations rapidly. We can localize the translation for your specific region so that your message is understood by the correct audience.

Every project is unique and it never hurts to ask. Let us know your deadline and we will do our best to meet it!

Certified Financial Translation Services

Banks and financial lenders trust us when they have a tight deadline to translate bank statements for their customers. Customers choose NLC Translations for their certified translations of financial documents in over 100 languages.

We handle the translations of their bank statements, W-2s, credit card and utility bills, and paystubs. Many times, these documents need to be translated for a bank loan, visa, or immigration purposes. Some of these customers even have small businesses and work with vendors that speak different languages. In this case, invoices may need translation.  

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We take pride in treating our customers right because we are not just doing business. We are building long-lasting relationships.


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“We needed our company health plan coverage guides translated into Spanish. All they needed was our InDesign package and they took it from there. They delivered when they said they would and I received a translated Spanish InDesign package ready to go to print. Much appreciated!”

Jennifer K.

“We needed all of our company policies and employee handbook translated into Spanish and Chinese. There was no rush, but 2 weeks for about 20 documents is not bad! I have recommended them to colleagues in other departments.”

Melissa B.

Pricing tailored to your needs

All translations are 100% Human professional translations completed by our accredited translators. Pricing is dependent on unique factors such as language, content, amount of words, file format, deadline, and other specific requirements of your project.

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